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Fernandina Beach, Florida

Redefining the Gentleman’s Lifestyle Experience

Be Bold. Be Classic. Welcome to Amelia's Best Barbershop

The combination of contemporary gentleman’s styling with a touch of traditional "manly" atmosphere—these are some of the few things that make our place special:

At Amelia's Best Barbershop, we cater to men who are looking for comfort, peace, and relaxation while getting exceptional trims, cuts, shaves, and styling from our friendly and professional barbers.

We are bringing back the good old days where men can hang out, crack some beers, and enjoy a little banter with with friends. Enjoy the familiar ambiance while we give you that iconic/classic styling that you'll love looking at in the mirror.


Serving Since 1984.

Classic-Modern Combination in Absolute Harmony

Amelia's Best Barbershop can take a man’s grooming and pamper to the next level. We specialize in providing quality haircuts and shaving for men of all ages. Our family-friendly atmosphere is perfect for men who appreciate both classic and modern cuts. Whether you're up for a simple and clean-cut or be styled to perfection, we ensure that all our experienced barbers will give you the exact look that suits both your ideas and personality.

Excellent and Classic Services for Gentlemen Done Right

Amelia's Services

We pride ourselves on providing excellent and classic services to all men, of all ages. Aside from our contemporary styles, cuts, shaves, and treatments, we also provide expert advice and recommendations to gentlemen who are wanting to get a new haircut and style.

Here at Amelia's Best Barbershop, we believe that all men should be pampered in style. With that, every gentleman can expect to receive attentive and professional care and services from our team of experts.


Redefined beard grooming and styling to keep your beard in perfect shape, with no hair left astray.


Look sharp, styled, and distinguished with our expertly tailored haircuts that will instantly boost your confidence.

Styling & Pampering

Look great and get a shot of confidence with our unparalleled styling and grooming suited for those gentlemen who are always on the grind.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the charm and comforts of our professional hot shave with a massage treatment. The epic combination of these two services will definitely give you a luxurious shaving experience while leaving you a refreshed and dignified-manly feeling.


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